Three Cloud Trends to Watch Through 2020

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The British research firm Technavio has revised its crystal ball to offer three new key trends that affect the growth of the cloud computing market for the next four years.

None of the trends are particularly innovative, but offer an overview of what your customers can consider for the first time or as part of the cloud road map.

“Cloud computing services provide rapid implementation and provision of IT infrastructure to meet changing needs, and the company needs to meet day-to-day IT requirements, including fast scalability and deployment. end-user needs is another factor that leads to the adoption of private cloud services, “said Amit Sharma, senior analyst at Technavio on cloud computing research in a single statement.

Three directions in the enterprise cloud, defined by Technavio:

Increases the use of hybrid cloud services
Hybrid cloud services have been launched as the best way for an organization to achieve regulatory compliance while the benefits of cloud scale ability. Hybrid cloud environments also allow organizations to integrate existing infrastructure without requiring a complete break-and-replace approach.

Service providers will provide crucial support to help companies implement hybrid cloud services. According to a recent SolarWinds report, only 27% of organizations have enough resources to manage an IT hybrid environment.

“The demand for a hybrid cloud has gained popularity, especially among medium-sized businesses, including manufacturing companies, regardless of their expensive nature,” said Technavio in a statement.

Accelerate the adoption of BYOD policy

More and more devices are breaking the line between personal and professional use, partly due to the flexibility of cloud services and for this reason, organizations must now implement BYOD strategies.

By adopting policies, organizations protect themselves and their property data.

The IT Shadow continues to be a problem for businesses, because employees are downloading cloud applications without IT approval. A recent report by the Blue Coat Elastic Cloud Threat Labs group showed that one of the ten common organization records contains data that complies with compliance rules such as secure medical information and payment card industry information.

The realism of which cloud applications are used in the organization can help create a BYOD policy that protects sensitive data, allowing employees to be productive. The existence of a BYOD policy framework that can be updated as more and more devices are added to the mix over the next few years will help organizations have a solid foundation.

The emergence of brokers for cloud services

As the opportunities offered by cloud services increase, the need for service providers is to help companies decide which cloud services are suitable for them and guide them through deployment. Here is a cloud broker.

While cloud service brokers (CSBs) have existed for several years, bigger companies have only recently entered the market, including Accenture, which acquired Cloud Sherpas earlier this year to boost its cloud consulting business .

According to the “Markets and Markets” report, “the cloud brokerage market in recent years is experiencing significant growth due to the success of integrating various services into the hybrid cloud distribution model.”

“In addition, the growing integration of large data services, BYOD and cloud mobility also contributes to CSB growth.”